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2009/2010 Hall of Fame

Steve Horner

Leeds Brewery Cup, Low Catton, Derwent, York, 5Ib 8oz

Dave Atha

Woodlands Cup, 100 Oaks Lake, York, 10Ib

Steve Worley

Queens Cup, Burton Joyce, Trent, 8Ib 6oz

Craig Stafford

Mutley Cup, East Stoke, Trent, 43Ib

Adam Zubrzyiki

Old Ball Cup, Fiskerton, Trent, 24Ib

Adam Zubrzyiki

Presidents Cup, Dunham Bridge, Tidal Trent, 7Ib 14oz

The Mutley Crew

Team Club Challenge, Low Catton, Derwent, York, 4Ib 12oz 11pts