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2011/2012 Hall of Fame

John Whittaker

Leeds Brewery Cup, River Swale, 6Ib 0oz

Steve Edson

Woodlands Cup, Lindholme, Doncaster, 40Ib 0oz

Paul Callaby

Queens Cup, Collingham, Trent, 6Ib 0oz

Aidy Addy

Mutley Cup, East Stoke, Trent, 8Ib 15oz

Aidy Addy

Old Ball Cup, Fiskerton, Trent, 14Ib 13oz

Neil Whittaker

Presidents Cup, Dunham, Trent, 12Ib 2oz

Darren Capitano / Bobbie Mensah

Mid Swale Pair Masters, Baldersby, Swale, 2pts

Mutley Crew

Arther Smith (Capt.), Andrew Keegan, Steve Horner, Ben Horner

Team Club Challenge, Derwent, Low Catton, 8pts.

Steve Worley

Norman Parr & Dick Addy Memorial

Matchman of the Year 25pts

Craig Stafford

River Monster Award, 6Ib 10oz Barbel